Star Grid Divination

Star Grid Divination





Star Grid Divination was founded by Saira and is a totally unique way of working psychically and spiritually.  This system has been developed over many years and is offered only by Modern Mystic.


Star Grid Readings


I will use the Star Grid to read a person's aura looking at all aspects of their life as well as being able to look at more spiritual aspects of one's life.  This is a very comprehensive reading which will allow no stone to remain uncovered.


I will use the Star Grid, gem stones, pendulum and sphere to gain insight and wisdom into your current path.


Readings can be face to face, telephone or Skype.


Reading length types listed below:


30 minutes - £50.00

1 hour - £100.00


Star Grid Divination Course


This is a two day course where you will learn the following:


How to use the Star Grid for personal and spiritual development

Using the Star Grid for personal and professional readings

Reading the aura with the Star Grid

Cosmic ordering with the Star Grid

Using a crystal sphere to provide clairvoyant readings with the Star Grid

Healing techniques with the Star Grid

And much more....


£200.00 - £50.00 deposit


Star Grid Mastership


This is an advanced four part course using the Star Grid designed for anyone who genuinely wishes to develop spiritually and psychically, giving you the tools and techniques for advanced spiritual awareness.


Each level is over 2 days


Level 1 - Attunements to the Earth Star and foundation level.  This will give heightened sensitivity and immediate raising of vibration.


Level 2 - Atlantean level.  Attunements to Atlantean knowledge and techniques, opening of the third eye and pineal gland.


Level 3 - Interdimensional level - Attunements for higher chakra activation, channeling techniques and multi-dimensional reality.


Level 4 - Attunements for cosmic consciousness and access to the galactic realms.


£200.00 - £50.00 deposit per level.




Star Grid System

Star Grid Readings
Star Grid Divination Course
Star Grid Mastership Course

Star Grid Price List

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