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2nd February - Psychic Development 1 day course 12-4pm £20.00

9th February - Enhance your tarot skills 1 day course 12-4pm £20.00

23rd February - Psychic business course 1 day 12-4pm £20.00



One Day Psychic Development Course

This one day course will  awaken and develop your latent psychic and mediumship abilities through a variety of practices, to bring you to the point where you are psychically open and trusting of your higher faculties. You will discover and develop skills you were not sure even existed within you. Suitable for all levels.  Also recommended as a refresher course for those who have not used their gifts for some time. 


In this course you will learn the following:



The Aura - how to see and read the aura

Working with your spirit guides

Opening the third eye

The different stages and levels of psychic awareness

Working with oracle cards and tarot

Mediumship skills

Enhancing your psychic senses

How to do a psychic reading for others

Tapping into the past, present and future





One Day Enhance your Tarot Skills Workshop

The Tarot is the staple tool for psychics. It utilises the basic archetypes behind all human experiences, and meaningful synchronicity (the idea that everything that happens in life has some link to everything else) in order to act as a springboard for the psychic's own clairvoyant abilities to come into play in a reading. This essential one day intensive course focuses on helping you to tune into the tarot cards psychically rather than just doing a dry "technical" reading, and how to do a tarot card reading from start to finish.  Maybe you already have a pack of tarot cards but don't know where to start.  Then this is the course for you.  You will learn:


How to do a professional reading

How to build your tarot business

Different spreads for different purposes

How to get timings from the Tarot

How to use combinations of cards rather than singular cards

How to give long and comprehensive readings

Building a set structure for your readings which leaves no stone unturned!




Run your own Psychic Business Masterclass - One day Course


Do you dream of starting a successful spiritual business?  Do you want to turn your dreams into a reality.  Are you a developing psychic or healer and would love to work in a spiritual way full time?  Do you have your own spiritual business and are experiencing blocks and setbacks in your business, do you want to take your business to the next level?


If you can answer yes to any of the questions above then this is the course for you.


You will learn:


How to develop your abilities and take them onto the next level professionally.

How to attract new clients

How to develop and offer something that is totally unique

How to market your business professionally online

Building your income so you can drop the day job

Creating the right mindset for a successful business and using the law of attraction.

Discover what is blocking you and eradicate it fast to start enjoying your successful spiritual business.


Cost - £20.00







More dates coming soon...



Why not enjoy the below courses from the comfort of your own home.  Study at your own pace.  All courses will come with a certificate of completion.


For Psychic Coaching, please visit the psychic development page


Most Popular!!

5 Week Intensive Psychic Development Course.


This course will be for one full day per week for five weeks (arranged at a mutually convenient time and date), covering all aspects of psychic development including how to set up your own business as a psychic reader.  This course is designed for those who are serious about developing their psychic abilities and wish to go on a provide psychic readings on a professional basis as well as those who simply wish to go onto the next level of psychic awareness for their own personal development.  This course also comes with ongoing support to help with the development of your own psychic business.  This course can be delivered via Skype, Facebook videocall, WhatsApp and Facetime.


Week 1 - Psychic awareness, meeting and working with your spirit guides.  Enhancing your 3rd eye, tuning into the aura of others.  Learn how to open up psychically and start speaking to your guides fluently.  Learn how to pick up and interpret the energy of others safely.


Week 2 - Working with tools - Tarot cards, oracle cards and other divination systems.  How to build your reading skills and how to conduct a full psychic reading.  Learn different methods to find out almost anything within a reading.  How to tune into the past, present and future and what to cover when doing a psychic reading.  Learn the professional do's and don'ts.


Week 3 - Working face to face and remotely, how to conduct a soul reading, accessing the Akashic records for past life information, understanding the chakra system and how to go into each chakra point for insight and guidance.  How to tune into past lives and clear deep seated blocks in someones life.


Week 4 - How to build your own psychic business, attracting clients and working at events and with other psychic companies.  How to get started, how to increase your business using the law of attraction.  Learn a fail safe method for building your business so you can quit the day job and do something that you truly enjoy.


Week 5 - Advanced psychic skills such as channeling your spirit guides, working with spirit and mediumship, scrying (crystal ball and mirrors), how to turn your psychic readings into a transformative and healing experience for your clients.  Find out how to fine tune your abilities so you are able to deal with any situation or problem professionally and compassionately.


£250.00 - £100 deposit on booking.





Run your own psychic business course - how to work as a professional psychic from start to finish


Are you interested in working as a Professional Psychic either part time or full time?  Maybe you have been told you have psychic abilities and would love to know where to start and how to get it to work for you.


In this course you will be given everything you need to get started with your own psychic business.  Have you dreamt of doing a job that you love which will give you the freedom of working for yourself from home as and when you choose?  Well, now is your chance.


In this course you will be given a starter pack consisting of Psy-cards, Tarot cards and pendulum, various MP3 meditations and 3 one hour coaching sessions via Skype or telephone with a Top UK TV Psychic (all worth over £250 absolutely FREE).  Each module, you will be given tasks and exercises to build your abilities and confidence as well as all the information you require on each topic.  Your manual will build module by module giving you a fully comprehensive working manual for future use.


To make it even easier to get started, you can pay for your course over 10 instalments paying just £50 per module - by module 10 your course will be paid for.  Furthermore, when finished you can earn the cost of the course back entirely within the first month working as a psychic.  A certificate will be sent upon completion.


The course consists of the following modules:

1.  Working with your psychic senses - the basics

2.  Working with Psy-Cards

3.  Working with Tarot Cards

4.  Tarot Spreads

5.  How to read the aura

6.  How to use the pendulum

7.  How to use psychometry

8.  Reading for others

9.  Using the Law of Attraction

10.  Setting up your business

11.  Reading for the public

12.  Working for psychic phone lines or television

13.  How to build your business.


Cost - £500 or 10 instalments of £50.00






I have the following meditations available for sale in MP3 format.  All meditations are priced at £10.00


Opening, activating & closing the chakras

A guided meditation to help you open, close and clear the chakras leaving you feeling refreshed and vitalised.


Connecting to your loved ones

A guided meditation to give you the opportunity to connect to your loved ones in a safe and gentle way.


Meeting your guide

A guided meditation to introduce you to your spirit guide and give you the opportunity to build a working relationship with them.


Past life meditation

A guided meditation to give you access to a past life as an observer and gain insight into your current life.


Attracting your soul mate/twin flame

A beautiful meditation to help you to open up to the soul mate or twin flame energy and start manifesting it into your life.


Akashic records meditation

A guided meditation to help you access the Akashic records and come back with wisdom and insight into your present life.


Unified heart chakra meditation

A guided meditation to create the unified field through the heart chakra to raise your vibration and clear negative energy.


Law of Attraction - 7 Step Process

I will talk you through my 7 step process to manifesting your dreams through this unique and highly effective meditation ustilising some of the key aspects for successful manifesting.


I have now joined forces with Centre of Excellence, the UK's leading online learning provider and can now offer a huge selection of online courses.  Please click on the below image to view some of the available courses.

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Online products

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