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There are several types of soul relationships, including:

1)  Twin flame relationships, or mirror image souls that perfectly reflect or resonate with the energy of the twin. There is only one of these in everyone's life, and not everyone has a twin flame if they have not yet become sufficiently evolved. Sometimes one can have a twin flame, but they are not incarnate in physical form, and connect with one through the ether.
Twin flames are two halves of the same evolved soul that has split into two in order to be able to physically incarnate for further spiritual growth. They are drawn together magnetically regardless of life's circumstances, and very often find their way to each other, sometimes through extraordinary means.

There is an immediate sense of knowingness and connection when twin flames meet, seeing each other as mirror images or even as photographic negatives on an energetic level. The attraction is intense, and dynamic, both mentally, emotionally and sexually.

All this attraction does not mean that there are no problems; the reality is that the dynamic of a twin flame relationship is many times more intense than a normal relationship both in the negative and positive aspects.

Twin flames see and appreciate each others' finer qualities, but can also clearly see each others' unresolved issues. There is an intensely close dynamic between twin flames that requires self honesty and the ability to love oneself, and one's twin, unconditionally. To be in a twin flame relationship requires the courage to throw oneself into the connection heart and soul, even when life's conditions, or the people around one, are against it. It is a spiritual quest for true unconditional love, and a rediscovery of one's true nature.

Twin flames who are not ready for total commitment can sabotage the relationship by either not owning their issues to their partner, or themselves, or by running from the relationship in order to not have to confront the truth about themselves ( a "runner").

Many twin flames can either unconsciously sabotage their relationship through fear of confronting their own issues, by being confrontational and destructive, or simply run away from the relationship to find a partner who does not mirror back to them their spiritual blockages, thus enabling them to live an easier life. The reward for those who persist through the turbulence and overcome the fears that are thrown up through intimacy with their own reflection, is a true love that transcends everything, and raises them to a higher and higher level of being and consciousness, and creates a powerful relationship that can manifest the heart's desire.

2) Soulmates are of several different kinds, and appear in peoples' lives to assist with life's journey and the gradual evolution of the soul which is the purpose of life. They can be with you as companions, teachers, or even to work out past karma issues.
The idea behind soulmates is that we incarnate many times and usually will connect with the same souls over and over again. In the course of a lifetime you will have lovers, friends, family, pets, and even apparent enemies who are soulmates, all are there, often based on soul agreements made in between lives, to have a specific function in your life, to assist in soul advancement.

Soulmates can also be there to provide strength companionship, and support in one's life, and one may have lived past lives having a similar role for those same people in their own times of need. Soulmates can encourage, inspire, and be our rock, enabling us to move forward with confidence whilst challenging us in a loving way. The energy is not as intense as with a twin flame, but there is a knowingness and a feeling of connection that runs deep from the outset, but one cannot put one's finger on why.

In karmic relationships, which can be seen as a type of soulmate relationship, the connection is there to heal karma created in past lives, and perhaps to grow through friction and pain. These types of relationship can indeed be very painful and represent a major work in one's present life, which unless one realises it has a past life origin, can appear to make no sense whatsoever, and simply the action of a random universe. The universe is never random however, there is always a plan in operation.

Even karmic relationships can have a strong sense of connection and attraction, despite generating problems in one's life. But the difference between twin flames and soulmate or karmic relationships is that twin flames are not based on resolving karmic ties, but instead of coming to a rapid point of high spiritual evolution in a single lifetime, and transcending one's own personal barriers by uniting energetically with one's twin and becoming whole, a vehicle for true unconditional love.

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