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Recent Testimonials

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"I met Saira for the first time at a mind body soul event and was drawn to get from the other readers at the event.

I really loved Saira energy and the calming tone to the reading. I got a few messages from lost loved ones which was really special to me.

I was predicted to be offered two work roles which I could choose from and a few weeks later that was the case. I was really shocked since I had not had an interview for a year and these roles were the only ones I was asked for interviews. I picked the role more suitable for me. Hoping all the other stuff comes in time.

I would recommend Saira and have another reading."  Sukhy, Birmingham - October 2019


"I just wanted to e-mail you to say thank you for the reading for did for me on Thursday morning.  You gave me some much needed clarity and left me feeling like I wasn’t going completely nuts about this crazy man!   Your insight really was incredible... I cannot thank you enough." Jane, UK - February 2019


"I've been having readings done by Saira for over a year now, and with each one, her point of accuracy always amazes me!  She's amazing and it's always nice to know that when I'm unsure about something that is going on in my life, I have someone who can help a situation seem clearer.  Thank you Saira" Feliciana, UK November 2018


"Thank you Saira. My meeting with you really blessed me in that I came away knowing without  a shadow of doubt that my partner had really come through for me. You were spot on with the specific personal messages that came through from him – and I came away feeling such love from him which I consider a gigantic blessing. It was something that I really needed… My meeting with you was worth every penny and more – thank you for the generosity of your spirit, for the generosity of your time, for the generosity of your soul…You are a huge blessing and I wish you love, happiness and fulfilment – always. " D, Mediumship reading, Bracknell, September 2018



"Whoa! I am blown away by the quality and depth of your reading!! When I booked the reading at Etsy, I didn't know you were a famous channel, or that you did starseed readings, and so I was a bit reluctant when I wrote about the lights I see at night. But look at what I got from you! Boy, oh boy! I am so delighted with this reading! It contains so much useful info for me, so many puzzle pieces are falling together, so many questions are answered and I got a better view on where I fit into all of this.
You mentioned CE-5, and sure I know the term. I did a number of trainings with Dr Steven Greer in Wiltshire and in France between 2010 & 2013. But I quickly learned that I don't need to broadcast cropcircle tones or to wave around with a laser in order to make contact. You gave me great info on how to further deepen this contact, and yes, I'll continue this way. Actually, I find it pretty exciting to do this kind of experimental work :-)
Exciting times ahead for me! And probably with some kids too, goodness me... :-)
Thank you so much for this reading! The info it contains is absolutely invaluable for me. Exactly what I needed at this point.
You really got an amazing gift, and I am so grateful that you are sharing it with us!" Karel, Starseed reading, September 2018


"Two years ago, you told me about my mum's secret, that I have a half sister I knew nothing about.  Well, IT'S TRUE! My mum's friend, has spilled the beans!! Amazing, well done Saira, I know she's out there somewhere, it was THE SAME as you told me!!! Wishing you all the success in the world, you dserve it."  Amanda, Surrey, July 2018


"Your reading was magnificent and so very accurate it was scary at times.  Every bit of information is a puzzle pece that helps me feel like I am not going crazy, which has been an issue in the past.  You have an amazing gift and I'm so grateful that I found your Starseed reading."  Rebecca, USA, April 2018


"I'd like to thank you Saira, for the reading you gave to my wife and I last year. I can't believe how much information you came out with, including things I had never told anyone. The investigation of my childhood home is on the books, and I know the book you told me I would write will be about that, and why it's the reason I became an investigator. Many things you predicted have happened, the one that would change our lives happened the next day, the other one's are still happening. I'm sure our paths will meet again, as I have learn't over the last few years, everything happens for a reason. I highly recommend you to our clients, and look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future." Ian - Lead Investigator, Residential Hauntings UK - September 2017


"Saira came to my friend's house back in February.  She said that I'd have an unexpected pregnancy and it would be a girl.  She also said that my partner would get his new job....

BOTH of these things have come true!  We went for our gender scan yesterday and I was believing in her vision and when the lady said "it's a girl" I just cried!

Thank you so so much.  I am always recommending Saira to friends and family".  Claire, Surrey - June 2017


"Saira is an incredibly accurate and truly gifted psychic. Despite my first reading being over the telephone, she described thoughts I was having that I hadn't even shared with anyone else. She gave me hope that the darkness in my life would pass, and her specifics of the events that had happened in my life were incredible. I have had experiences of psychics before, but this lady has an amazingly accurate true gift." Catherine Bagshot - March 2017


"I want to say thank you for the FB reading you gave me yesterday. I was asking a somehow hard question. You definitely answered in a way aligned with my own thinking, because deep inside I also feel I have not made any mistakes on my path, and there wasn't really much to had adjusted, but most likely that was simply the path to take. 

Towards the end of the reading you told me you get people issue and said that perhaps I will understand this. I guess this was message you were maybe getting from your guides- you left it open for me to relate to; 
When you said people issue it just resonated with me so much. This was in relation to my work situation. You know in the last job I had my boss, who made a fabricated complaint against my co-worker (he wasn't just that but no one knows that beside me and him), and this HR case was managed by HR behind my back, but logged as if I was making it. So people issue definitely was something prominent and valid, way beyond what one could imagine when you were saying that. " Daria UK - March 2017


"I just wanted to say, everything you mentioned started happening a week later, I'm actually quite shocked at how accurate you have been.  I think you are amazing and you always give me great advice. Thank you" Zahra, UK - January 2017


"Saira is awesome! She picked on my situation immediately, she was so accurate on every detail. I didn't have to say anything and she homed in all the issues concerning me. Her guidance was spot on, it is like she can read your mind and heart. She is so in tune with your energy, she really helps inspire you to move forward and live the life you want." Mina, Oxford - December 2016


"My in-depth reading with Saira today was amazing!  The main issue for me was around a soul connection/relationship which Saira accurately picked up the details of - so very precisely.  However, more than this, she was able to provide a huge amount of insight  and advice as well which helped me to make sense of what has happened and how it is likely to unfold.  Also, although I wasn't expecting it, Saira accurately picked up the spiritual link and communication that I have with my father and my grandmother - I was blown away by what she told me - absolutely 100% spot on and an amazing confirmation from spirit received through Saira.  The connection and energy during the reading was very strong and information was delivered with honesty, incredible perception, as well as complete professionalism.  I do also recommend paying a little extra for the MP3 recording because it was difficult to take everything on board during the reading but now I can enjoy listening to it again and again.  I will definitely come back for another reading at some point.  Thank you Saira, that was awesome!"  Linda, West Sussex - November 2016


"What an inspirational lady! I went to see Saira when I was at a 'lost' period in my life with a constant stream of misfortune in all aspects of my daily struggles.

However, after spending an hour in the fate of a complete stranger I came away with a strong sense of closure,strength, optimism and relief. I can't begin to tell you how happy and star-struck I still am today. Saira picked up on things and people she would never had known about. The astonishment of how on point and true the things she came out with are undeniable!

For bringing my grandad through too, is just out of this world and I am eternally grateful to her for such an endearing ability. So Saira, keep bringing joy, clarity and fullfillment to those who seek it. You are wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for pulling me through!" Julie, Surrey - October 2016


"We are still overwhelmed by the reading you gave us at Sage Paracon, surprised isn't the word... you picked up so much detail" Residential Haunting Team, Hastings - October 2016


"Thanks for coming to my house to mine and my friends readings, we were all very impressed with everything, amazing how you had my past relationships so accurate!

Hope to see you sometime next year and we highly recommend you to anyone looking to have a reading." Mandy, Aldershot - October 2016


"Saira has been very helpful supportive to me regarding my marriage and she has been very accurate with her reading and guidance, keep the good work up and I will definitely recommend her to anyone, I look forward for more readings in a few months."  T, Germany - May 2016


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming over last week to do the party booking. We are still amazed now as to how accurate you were.
We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will definitely be booking another party evening very soon.  I've already had the girls ask me when I am booking you again.  Thanks again Saira, you were great."  Becky, Iver Heath - May 2016


"I saw Saira's stand at Denbies, holistic and mystic fair in February and was somehow drawn to her out of all the other mystics and psychics.  I had a one to session 2 months later with Saira, where we did a workshop tailored to my development areas which were how to read and interpret the auras and psychic development. I thought the day was brilliant, full of really useful hints, tips and ideas which I think have been of massive benefit to me so far. I have since shared some of the tips with my friends."  Carlene, Surbiton - April 2016

"I am looking forward to doing more workshops with Saira in the future and I would highly recommend her." C, April 2016

"Before I even sat down with Saira, she had correctly identified a key issue in my life and was able to reassure me instantly.
Saira is able to connect with your energy paired with the cards and her amazing ability. By the end of the reading you feel calm, answered and given direction.
Answering all questions directly and simply Its a mind cleansing exercise.
For any person who is sceptical of the spiritual world, Saira will change that perception within a very short time frame.
Saira's guidance has been life changing for me personally. So much so I now book in my diary to see her every three months ( usually starting off by telling her, that her predictions manifested)
Saira not only conducts herself with professionalism but also I feel there is a life coaching element mixed in with the reading. A wonderful, only positive and enlightening experience! Thankyou."  Annie, Old Windsor Psychic Fair - April 2016


"Saira Amazing!  A truly fantastic reading.  Saira was able to see directly into my life, the amount of hurt and sadness I have endured.  Everything was so precise and accurate.  Today after my reading, I am walking away feeling so positive, energised and looking forward to my future, thank you Saira".  Old Windsor Psychic Fair - April 2016


"Thanks for a brilliant reading, you have brightened my weekend!"  Shirley, Berkshire -

April 2016


"Thank you for answering my text message yesterday on Psychic Today it reassured me a great deal.  I really felt you connected with the situation around me. You mentioned the fact that I had been waiting for ages and that I was beginning to be in two minds about it to the point of doubting whether I had misread the signs. You got this spot on, nobody knew this !!!  You reassured me that I had read the signs correctly and that there was a strong connection between both of us. The only thing that I had to be aware of was that the guy was not sure whether I wanted a friendship or a relationship.However you told me not to worry about this as it would be cleared up over a coffee. This insight is incredibly accurate I feel although I cannot confirm it because both of our families are very close.  Once again thank you so much for your guidance and reassurance that everything is still on track. Your validations and insight have once again been spot on.  You are amazing.  I will keep you posted."  Eva, UK - March 2016

"Hi Saira.  Just thought I'd write and let you know how good my reading with you was today.  It was very accurate and told me of events that have happened in the recent past; of positive changes for my future, which I feel have already begun; and of events happening in the future, which I cannot comment on as yet, but I am sure, as with the other information that I was given, will occur.  You were very patient and clarified things when needed by me." Thanks, Paula - March 2016
"This is the second time I have spoken to Saira and both times she has been spot on.  Every prediction she made in regards to relationships and career have come true and she has even hit on a few things that I didn't expect to come up.  I have more clarity now going forward!!!  Saira comes highly recommended!" Rochelle, London March 2016
"I contacted Saira when I need answers about my current job situation as I was unemployed and looking for a job. Unbeknown to Saira I had two up coming interview in that week for a support worker role and a job in HR. Saira said that the cards were telling her that I would get a phone call about a successful interview in a matter of a few days, she also said that for some reason she could see support worker role. I am happy to say that after my interview on Monday I received a phone call on Tuesday offering me a conditional job offer. I so happy with her reading and I have no doubt that the other predictions will come true soon. Would definitely use her again." Michelle (Wowcher) March 2016
"I can't believe Saira has been so accurate.  It is as if she could read my mind!" Shirley, Datchet Fair (March 2016)
"I bought her 30mins  reading on Groupon website. I would like to say a big thank you for your guidance. Saira is a lovely person, friendly very good with her cards.
What can I say ??? Wow ...very honest, spot on and motivational. :)
The new direction in my work, my study and training also about my relationships  as this is my good year and things will get only better. Thank you very much . God bless you xxx"  Anna Glasgow (February 2016)
"Fantastic to connect with you today and I have to say a huge thank you, your spiritual guidance through my reading was wonderful  and extremely accurate, I'm feeling priviliged that you shared your wonderful gift with me, bless you and I know we will be connecting again in the near future, take care" Janet O'Carroll Psychic Medium & Author, UK (January 2016)
"I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on your predictions from my reading last weekend.
In relation to the new direction in my work, you said a couple of things - that something to do with the body would come forwards, also that you could see me doing CBT or something like it.
When I had the hypnotherapy training this week, Andrew strongly suggested I start off with gastric band hypnotherapy, he had a student in NZ who has made a huge success of this in just a year from training. Looking more into it tonight, I see that gastric band hypnotherapy is now hugely popular internationally, moreso then traditional hypnotherapy. And the technique is a combination of conventional hypnotherapy and CBT type methods.  You are amazing!"  Jenny, Wiltshire (December 2015)


"I have just finished my reading with you and still reeling from the accuracy of it and also thank you for making me face up to the challenges I have been hiding from or more truthfully avoiding. I really appreciated your time and expertise, you have a lovely way about you and it was a pleasure talking with you. You are truly gifted. Many thanks again." Karen in Belfast. (November 2015)


"I had my first every reading with Saira today at 1.45pm, by 1.50pm everything she had told me was 100% true.  Believe me, she knew things that only certain people in my life know.  She was so kind about my situation I was in tears.  Would I recommend her?  You bet I would, Saira thank you so, so much!".  Lisa, Milton Keynes. (November 2015)

"I have had two ‘One To One’ sessions with Saira in the past six months. The first time I booked a meeting with her, I did not give any information or any clues as to the identity of the person I was seeking to contact; or any other information about the person’s life. Saira also had insisted that she did not want to know anything.

All through the meeting Saira did not ask any single question to me or solicit any additional information. I was amazed that she contacted the person I was seeking within less than minute, and information which only I could have known or identify was coming through. Some of the stuff was unusual and known only the two of us which Saira could not have known or imagined. I had some concerns about the last moments of the person. Saira asked answers to these questions and the information I received helped me enormously to come to terms with my grief.

I was very impressed with her professional skills and found her a very sympathetic, understanding and a genuine medium and clairvoyant. I will be seeing her again in the future."  S.P.   Berkshire.  (November 2015)


"Thank you so much for the reading this morning. It was such a help.  From
the first card your reading was absolutely right.  So insightful about me,
my situation and my spiritual path. I was blown away by the accuracy.  You
confirmed some of my own thoughts and gave me confidence to listen to my
intuition.   I feel really positive about the steps I need to take to move
my life forward.  Thank you!" Suze, Guildford (October 2015)

"It is thanks to your inspiring talk about the 'law of attraction' that two weeks ago something amazing happened!
On the way home from the Psychic  Fayre we were discussing your talk and decided to test it. Although I already had a job I was feeling unfulfilled. So I decided to use the law of attraction to improve my job. For fours days on the way to work I thanked the Universe for my fantastic job and  for everyone I worked with and how I was so grateful to be able to help others. My contract was coming to an end and I was just about to ring my agency for more work when, on the fourth day the person I worked for approached me and asked me what would it take for me to stay. I thought about my ideal job within the company and told them,within an hour they came back to me with my ideal job. I was over the moon! Thank You Saira!" Nikki, Farnborough (June 2015)
"Wow.   That was a powerful reading!   Very good.    You could have waited another two weeks to do it but I feel this was the best time so great job Saira." Rikki, USA email reading.  (May 2015)


"It has been a trying time in my life at this moment in time and Saira was facing me as I walked in the door of the fayre.  The readings have been inspirational and uplifting giving clarification and positivity on the areas of my life that needed addressing.  Thank you Saira, you are truly gifted and a beautiful person."   Tracey, Berkshire  (July 2015)


"A Big thank you for your guidance and professionalism during my reading with you.  I was at the time and still am now amazed by your insight, there is absolutely no way anyone not even people I've known my whole life that understood or appreciated the life I've had to endure.  You have empowered me to take control of my energy and realise my own gifts and talents and in achieving that through your help my life has taken a complete turn for the better.  I had no idea of my own spiritual nature or gifts before meeting you and you've blown my mind with your accuracy, since my reading I meditate frequently and have found inner peace and contentment.  I am so grateful for all that you've done for me - your compassion, love and warmth is just an added bonus!  Thank you from the depths of my soul..."  Elaine, Odiham (December 2014)


Hi Saira, you read for my wife and I this evening. Firstly, thank you for my reading, I was very impressed with your accuracy and I now know that I have a future that I can look forward to. Secondly, the reading that you gave Alli my wife was brilliant. For as long as I've known her she's wanted to hear the message that you gave her regarding her brother. I feel that the weight that has been on her shoulders for the last 20 years has now been lifted. Thanks again Saira. Rob, Berkshire (June 2015)


I felt a reading would help me. 

First reading: I felt uplifted and many problems had been taken away.  I have been able to sleep well and look at life in a more positive way. 

My second reading has uplifted my soul.  I now know the direction that life is taking me.  Saira is a wonderful clairvoyant, I would recommend her.  She has told me many things present and past.  I am planning a further reading in September.  Kim, Berkshire (June 2015)


"I have always found Saira's readings to be incredibly insightful and absolutely spot on - she has read for me several times, at key points in my life, I recommend her highly!"  Samanatha, New Zealand (June 2014)


"She seemed to know things no-one else did.  Now I realise that some things she spoke about have happened.  Would definitely recommend."  Shaz, Godalming (1)  (January 2015)


"Brilliant, always tells me things that no-one else knows other than me.  Thank you.  You do an amazing job, keep up the good work!"  Shaz, Godalming (2) (March 2015)


"Amazing, she knew things that were coming up before I did, some things that I didn't think would happen as quickly she predicted to happen very soon.  I would definitely see her again for another reading and a longer session, worth every penny!" Kirsty, Farnham (January 2015)


"Totally accurate and thank you for making me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Definitely recommend Modern Mystic.  Enjoyed my experience"  Ruchi, London (January 2015)


"Never met a more caring and consoling woman.  Very accurate and there for me when I feel the chips are down and things are starting to look dim.  Always assuring and happy to give advice.  More than just a Psychic, but a friend and all round lovely confidante.  Not to mention genuine in her readings and extremely straight forward.  Thank you Saira for all the help you have given me so far."  Folu, Swansea (February 2015)


"Insightful, honest and motivational.  She's really something special.  Thanks Saira!"  Nnamdi, Africa (February 2015)


"Many thanks for the reading yesterday. I have written down all that I can remember and think I have most of it.  I felt so much more positive after the reading and am looking forward to trying some new approaches to things."  Paul, Thames Ditton (April 2015)


"I just wanted to thank you so much for coming last night and totally blowing all of us away, you gave me so much advice and supported all of my indecisiveness on career choices and relationships! You've helped me a lot and I feel so much more positive about my future now, you were fantastic and I have recommended you to every one I know.

Thanks again, you were lovely and was such an amazing experience." 

Shannon, Swindon (May 2015)


"You were an amazing lady, I couldn't believe how accurate you were." 

Amanda, Farnborough (May 2015)


"Saira was amazing, really lovely and nice to talk to, She reassured me regarding my worries. Give her a call you wont be disappointed. Thanks for the chat." P, London


"I had the most profound reading from Saira. She told me things that I've only just found out for myself and I extended my reading by a further 20 minutes because she is so good, and very easy to talk to. I will be back at some point in future to have another reading from her and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Saira, it was a real pleasure to talk to you." J, Canada


"The reading I got was very accurate, she even told me things about my childhood and I was shocked that she picked that up. After my reading I felt very positive about my future. Saira you are a life saver." Anonymous, UK


"I found Saira extremely thorough, accurate and she made a connection and confirmed it within the first three minutes of speaking to me... I could highly recommend Saira,you will not be disappointed.. X"   S, UK


"She's very good and accurate. I feel a burden lifted she is a very talented reader thankyou very much."    Anonymous, UK


"I have just had a very good, uplifting reading with Saira. She is accurate, straight to the point, positive plus much more. I will definitely call again. Thank you so much." M, UK


"This lady is brilliant. Inline with all other readers Ive had. She gives accurate messages and does not waste your money. Very, very good and lovely energy. Will be back, highly recommend her."  Anonymous, UK


"Saira is lovely and picked up on my situation straight away, her predictions were in line with top psychics. Will speak to her again"  Anonymous, UK


"Reading regarding ex partner. Saira tuned in really well and came up with some very helpful guidance. Very accurate and highly intuitive reading 08july. Recommended." Love n light. Nick




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